Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tall Tale book cover prompt. I decided to go with the Ouija Board tall tales.
I did this in copic marker and ink.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wolf's Rain Book Cover

Book cover redesign for Advertising Graphic class. I decided I wanted to take the graphic novel "Wolf's Rain" and make it into a hard back book with a similar style to the DVD cases for the anime. It backward because Japanese books are backwards.

Recycled Iron Man

I was given a "Green Thumb" prompt and Iron Man 3 had just come out and my roommate and a friend were going to see it later. So I had Iron Man on the brain. 

Solar Lunar

Another digital methods project. This was what I wanted to do, the top, vs what my teacher asked me to do, the bottom. I ended up doing the one I wanted over the summer. I think both of them came out well.


Another project from my Digital Methods class last year. I added a background to it as well.
Kabuki is Japanese Theatre, and the term "Onnagata" implies that the cast is all male, female role or not.

The Ugly Duckling

My final for my Digital Methods class last year was to make a .gif from a children's story
I got the ugly duckling.

Art Festival of 2013

An accumulation of some of the art I sold at my booth in the past art fair.

Dragon Lady

This was one of many things I made for the past Art Festival I attended. 

Autumn Wolf

Acrylic painting a did my freshmen year, so about 2 years ago. I recently touched it up in photoshop.
This is one our newest babies. My dad is calling her "Dream Girl."

This is Red Giant;  race horse stud I painted for my dad. 

This is a painting my dad had me do for a friend of his. The horses name is Baryshnikov, my dad and his friend, Connie, have co-ownership of him. Bary is actually a retired race horse now, but the painting sits in Connie's office, where she tells me she admires it every day. I'm really glad she enjoys it!

I figure an art blog needs to eventually have art, so here is some of my older works. All of these characters happen to be ones I have created. The ones in the middle are actually based on childhood stuffed animals. They were some of the first characters I ever made. The blonde guy, Flare, is the very first.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hello My Name is Audrey!

I'm here to showcase my art and meet new people. So here's to a start of something... artistic honestly. :)