Monday, March 3, 2014

Another gargoyle character of mine. This is a work in progress that I actually drew last year and inked it with my pens and markers. I've redone the eyes (I'm quite proud of them) and added more lowlights to the hair.

Something I did on my own time to test out my new brushes in photoshop. I love gargoyles, so I've been making some characters and playing around with designs. I unintentionally made him look a little purple, causing him to look like Goliath from Disney's Gargoyles. While that was not my intent I will admit to being inspired by the show since childhood.

Collage Video
The project was to make a collage video. I was having a bad migraine while doing this so I thought I would base it on how I feel when a migraine happens to me. I have chronic migraine, so I've got plenty of experience.

Audio Sync Project
My latest animation project. I chose a Monty Python bit and did a rough animation. I didn't have to (nor did I mean to) lip sync the project, but I found it incredibly easy.

Book Cover Project
I decided to do my project on one of my favorite books Green Angel.

Walkcycle for Animation
The character is supposed to have a limp. I'm not entirely satisfied with this one, so I will be going back and editing it.

Metamorphosis Project